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The result of seven years of scientific and clinical research and testing, Semprae Laboratories' flagship product, Zestra®, represents a breakthrough in women's sexual health. Zestra® is the first topically applied non-prescription product clinically proven to increase arousal, sensation, pleasure and satisfaction in women.

Zestra® is formulated with botanical oils, free of synthetics, hormones and parabens. It is gentle, safe, and most of all, effective. Zestra® works in minutes to heighten sensitivity to touch and enable deep pleasurable sensations. Growing numbers of physicians, sex therapists and pharmacists are recommending it...and more and more women are feeling the Zestra® RushTM!

A Product Whose Time Has Come

43% of women - 30 million in the U.S. alone - experience sexual dissatisfaction. Despite the prevalence of this problem, women's sexuality is rarely if ever discussed outside the context of their relationships or reproductive health. Even among OB/GYNs, only 3% - 5% talk to their patients about sexual enjoyment and satisfaction. The need for a solution that improves women's sexual satisfaction is clear, but the market has fallen far short of providing options that are truly safe and effective.

We're changing all of this. Semprae Laboratories is dedicated to making women's sex lives more pleasurable and satisfying. We're starting the conversation with women - and with Zestra®, providing a solution based on real science and demonstrated efficacy in clinical settings.

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New Product Watch

At Semprae Laboratories, we're continually focusing our expertise in pharmacology, transdermal delivery technologies, and women's sexual health to develop new products and services to improve women's sexual experiences. Check back often to see what's coming next!

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"Zestra® improved level of desire, satisfaction with level of sexual arousal, genital sensation, sexual pleasure, ability to have orgasms, and enhancement of sexual experiences in normal and FSAD women while eliminating the undesirable sexual side effects of SSRI antidepressants.